Our Website Is Now Blazing Fast

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Our main website store front has had a speed increase. We’ve spent hours optimising, so that when you shop with us, there’s no waiting around!

Before our main page had a load time of 5-6 seconds. Its now around 2 seconds, and every click feels like its nearly instant.

Happy Shopping!


Supermarket vs Fresh Roasted Beans

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A couple of times I’ve had people ask about our roasting and were curious as to what the difference was and why would they buy our beans or another local companies “fresh roasted” beans over going to the supermarket.

There is SO much difference, I highly recommend you not buy brew your expresso from beans from the supermarket.

Coffee tastes best 7-21 days after it has been roasted with the exception of some coffees – SEE THIS POST

Coffee bought in supermarket is already 2-3 months old. It has no crema, and if you compare to a fresh coffee bean it tastes like DIRT! If your not pulling any crema from your shots, it means your coffee is past its used by date =)

Coffee once ground starts going “stale”  and even after 30 minutes you will notice a difference to fresh ground beans.. this is why you will always see the best coffee shops freshly grinding when you order, they don’t have the grounds sitting there for ages.

Amidst the complex chemistry of coffee roasting a lot of carbon dioxide, or CO2, is generated. Much is lost from the porous bean as it cools and rests, but a considerable quantity is retained with the cells. Grinding exposes a good amount of the remaining CO2, so as short a wait before brewing as possible is necessary to take advantage of this gas and its many beneficial properties.



When To Drink Your Fresh Coffee

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All our coffees have different characteristics and are grown all over the world, so it’s no wonder that after they are roasted, they are to be drunk at different times.

In general, most coffees are ok to drink from 3+ days and taste best  7 to 21 days. After  a month you will notice crema disappears and your coffee starts to taste “dirtier”.

Below you will see our coffees listed with tasting notes and when you should drink them – Use it as a guide so you don’t let your coffee go stale or drink it to earlier.

Please note this List is in progress, if you notice any errors it would like to contribute, please do in the comments =D


Teapigs Liquorice & Peppermint Tea Review

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Last month we got our first shipment of Teapigs Tea.

While most of the tea is excellent, there was one that stood out and it is now my favourite tea and it’s no wonder that this is Teapigs best seller.

Last night Katrina (my wife) & I had 30 people over for a little get together after church and I convinced 6 people to try a  “Liquorice & Peppermint Tea” even though 3 people hated liquorice.

After drinking a cup, I got them to rate it, 1 being the worst tea they have every had, 10 being the best tea they have ever had.  Nich, Matt, Emily (3/6) of the people claimed it was actually the best tea they had ever had, the other 3 saying 8/10, but asking for a refill!

Don’t let the liquorice in the name scare you away, as it doesn’t actually taste anything like liquorice.

As you sip, you may be fooled into drinking a great peppermint tea, but after you complete your sip, something amazing happens in your mouth and its hard to describe, but an after taste appears that will blow your socks off. I think its the aniseed playing with your heart. Every sip gets better and better.

Some amazon reviews to back up my claim of the best tea ever.2013-06-03 17.15.37


By M. G. on February 5, 2014
Verified Purchase

I’m flying through this tea. I love the initial peppermint blast you receive upon the beginning of the sip and the sweet aftertaste once the sip is complete. It’s the perfect start to my morning and comforting end to my day!
Verified Purchase

I love this tea it is so fresh and full of flavor. High recommend, this is my go-to tea and I didn’t think I would be that big of a fan.

By Derise Potgieter on November 16, 2013

Verified Purchase

I love Teapigs! All their teas are excellent quality and value for money! For all tealovers who like someting different!


The Blog is Alive!

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Hi Everyone,

We now have a blog!

We hope to bring you regular content on helping you improve your coffee brew, sharing videos and tips and about great new products.

If you would like to get new blog posts emailed to you, please subscribe at the bottom of this page =)

Your boutique roaster,

Central Coast Coffee